Kat Quin



How do your staff describe you?
"Determined, non-stop, cheeky, caring and kind-hearted, one of a kind!"

What is you favourite part of the day and why?
Break time; Ping pong wars and monopoly deal. I also like 11pm, because it is when my body magically (and falsely) goes straight from extreme exhaustion, to 'let's watch Handmaid's Tale for another three hours' and illustrate a full page in my new book.

Name any quirky family traditions you have.
The board game Articulate. My teenage daughter and her aloof teenage friends love hanging at ours on weekends, and all they want to do is play Articulate with us. There are always howls of laughter.

Who has inspired you in the area of art and design?
Frida Kahlo, Richard Scarry, Dick Frizzle, Maurice Sendak, Dali, Klimt, Robyn Kahukiwa, Michael Parekowhai, my mate FLOX… I could honestly keep listing for hours. So much inspiration from so many places!

What’s an irrational fear that you have?
High fiving people (Hifiphobia), it makes me really uncomfortable.

Have you discovered anything lately that wowed you?
I have been following Oliver Jeffers, and everything he does wows me. Also, I recently discovered all the hidden messages in Disney movies. Wow - no wonder I turned out the way I did, hehe.

Random Talent.
I can fire dance with poi on chains. I am ambidextrous when I paint. I don’t know my left from my right without looking at my hands. Is sleep deprivation a random talent?

Describe your perfect day.
Long weekend with my fam, coffee, early morning swim, good brunch, puppies, jokes and laughter with girlfriends, fishing off the beach, cuddles with my kids, cheese boards, trip to Huhu Waitomo for dinner, finished by watching dark comedies on Netflix.

How do you relax?

Switch off all devices and listen to music with my fiancee Jono.


Chelsea McKirdy



How does your husband describe you?
"A genuine, loving and positive person who will always see the best in people."

Name a hobby you would like to pursue in the future.
Dog training. But just with my own dog. We don't own a dog yet... one day soon though!

Random talent.
Amateur ping pong & pool. I am by no means coordinated, but somehow my limbs/mind agree whilst playing these "sports".

What is your latest obsessions?
BuzzFeed's Ladylike. Basically, a group of five girls creating Youtube videos that are hilarious, fascinating, informative and empowering!
Also, Catana Comics on Instagram (@catanacomics). I swear all of her illustrations were made for me. 

Favourite Adobe program.
Currently, Indesign is at the top for me. Some may say that I am a bit of a perfectionist. I love sussing out the most efficient ways to do things (to the point where I can spend more time working out how to be efficient than actually being efficient). Indesign, with the help of Dr. Google, has the answers to all of my "Is there a better/faster/easier way I can do this?" questions. So I find great, geeky satisfaction in creating processes and systems that help myself, and the team, be more productive.

What’s an irrational fear that you have?
I can’t handle it when I’m on a swing and the person on the swing next to me syncs up with my swing.

Describe your perfect day.
A spontaneous day off with my husband; full of good food, outdoors, car trips with good music and end the night with a spa and star gazing. The cherry on the top would be having the ability to delight in as much food as we wanted without consequence (ie getting full, or overweight etc).

Give one reason you love working at Illustrated Publishing?
Just one?! Hmm... the work environment is great, between us three girls (and anyone else who's around) there's never a dull conversation in the studio.

What is your most used quote?
I have too many...

  • "Make it work people, make it work." - Tim Gunn, Project Runway [TV Series]

  • "That's what she said..."

  • "Fake it 'til you make it."

  • "[Insert lame story here] ... and then I found five dollars."

  • "DUUUHH!" - Clark Reedy, The Benchwarmers [Film]

  • Friend: "Question... Wha–"
    Me: 🎵"Tell me what you think about me." 🎵 (To the tune of Destiny's Child's - Independent Women) - Miranda Hart, Miranda [TV Series]


Georgia Franck



How does your husband describe you?
"Stubborn, kind, selfless, emotionally motivated, shy."

Name a hobby you want to spend more time on?
I love painting and really want to try learn more techniques with water colour.

Give one reason you love working at Illustrated Publishing?
It's great being surrounded by genuinely good people. Not to mention with Kat's creative genius there is always something new and exciting on the horizon.

Favourite sweet and savoury food?
I definitely have a weakness for milk chocolate. Slightly random but nothing beats halloumi cheese fried in butter.

Random talent.
I can do the eyebrow wave. I also take great joy in watching others try to do it!

Favourite Adobe program.
I really like the structure of Indesign, it just makes sense! Photoshop is also up there, solely because of the functionality of it's brushes.

Drink of choice.
I have a love hate relationship with coffee. I love the taste but it is prone to give me the shakes. So I'd likely opt for a decaf latte.

Describe your perfect day.
Exploring the great outdoors on a hot sunny day with loved ones. There would be plenty of laughter, swimming, sunbathing and good food!